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Why People Start Taking Trilipix

Basically, Trilipix can help patients to decrease fatty acids and cholesterol levels in their blood. These are usually associated with the increased risk of clogged arteries. This drug contains fenofibric acid as its active component. There are many doctors who prescribe it in order to treat high triglyceride and cholesterol levels. At times, it can be prescribed together with other medications that have the same purposes and functions. Before someone starts to use Trilipix, it is necessary to get more information about its usage, main pros and cons.

“People should not take this drug if they have any allergic reaction to its active component, which is fenofibric acid. Besides, it is better not to use it if patients have serious kidney and gallbladder issues. The same can be said for people who are breast-feeding. Before people start to take Trilipix, it is highly recommended to tell healthcare providers everything about their past medical history. This can help to determine the best treatment possible.”

In general, this medication should be a part of more complex programs that must always include regular exercises, proper nutrition, weight control options, and the intake of other similar drugs. It is advisable to follow a strict diet and exercise routine to achieve success when it comes to this kind of treatment. Doctors think: “Patients should avoid drinking alcohol if they are taking Trilipix at the same time. That’s because it can potentially raise triglyceride levels and also increase their risk of possible liver damage. It is necessary to avoid consuming the food products that are high in cholesterol or fat. It is true that this drug won’t be efficient in lowering their cholesterol levels in case they don’t follow a proper diet plan.”

There is one warning: “At times, the intake of Trilipix may cause one medical condition that can result in kidney failure and problems with skeletal muscle tissues. It is better to call healthcare providers right away if someone has such symptoms as weakness, tenderness, muscle pain, fever, fatigue, dark colored urine, and so on.”

The FDA is informing the general public that the drug called Trilipix may not be able to decrease their risk of having a stroke or a heart attack. It means that people need to use other medication for these purposes. In addition, if case patients have some certain medical conditions, they need to think about a special dose adjustment and undergo certain tests in order to use this medication safely.

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