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The Main Benefits of Taking Tarceva

These days, there are many patients who take Tarceva. This medication it designed to treat cancer, and it functions by interfering the growth and development of cancer cells. Besides, it can slow down their spread in a person’s body. This medication is generally utilized in order to treat lung cancer. There are many healthcare providers who prescribe it together with a number of other drugs when it is needed to treat pancreatic cancer.

“It is not allowed to start taking Tarceva if women are pregnant or plan to have a baby. That’s because its intake can harm unborn babies, as it causes a wide range of unwanted birth defects. Doctors usually recommend their patients to use any effective method of birth control while using this medicine. This simple step helps to avoid this unexpected problem.” Besides, before starting to use Tarceva, it is necessary to tell doctors everything about current lung problems, liver and kidney issues. The same concerns those patients who smoke or are dehydrated.

If someone wants to make sure that this kind of treatment is helping them, and there are no side effects, patients need to test their blood on a regular basis. It can help them to determine the best treatment period and other aspects involved. That’s why it is advisable to visit healthcare facilities on a regular basis. Doctors usually recommend: “Patients who are taking Tarceva need to avoid unnecessary exposure to sunlight. That’s because it may cause a number of unwanted side effects, such as dryness, skin rash, irritation, and so on. It is highly recommended to use the right sunscreen and wear some protective clothes when they are outdoors.”

People should stop taking Tarceva and call their doctors if they start experiencing any other lung issues. These ones may include: sudden chest pain, fever, dry cough, feeling short of breath, wheezing, numbness, weakness, eye pain, weight gain, vomiting, diarrhea, and so on. These are considered to be the main signs of having adverse effects related to the intake of this drug.

In addition, it is necessary to know: “There are different drugs that can potentially interact with Tarceva. Patients need to tell their doctors everything about the medication that they are using at the same time. It is clever to have a list of them each time when they need to go to a hospital. People should tell their healthcare providers about all kinds of allergies that they have.”

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