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The Main Purposes of Taking Alendronate Sodium

Alendronate Sodium belongs to a class of medications that can be called bisphosphonates. It has another common name Fosamax, and it functions by altering the cycle of bone loss and formation in the body of a patient who take this drug. In essence, it is often prescribed in order to slow down bone loss whilst increasing its mass. This definitely helps to prevent bone fractures. It is necessary to learn more about the way it functions, positive results, and possible side effects before starting to take Alendronate Sodium tablets.

These days, there are many doctors who prescribe this medication to treat and even prevent osteoporosis. This medical condition can be resulted by the usage of steroids and menopause. There is an opinion: “Alendronate Sodium can be prescribed to increase bone mass when it comes to male patients who take it. Besides, it is advisable to choose this kind of treatment in case men and women suffer from Paget’s disease. There are other purposes of its usage as well.”

Different healthcare providers inform: “It is better not to start taking this drug if people can’t sit or stand upright at least for half an hour. Unfortunately, these pills may cause quite serious issues in the esophagus or stomach of people who take them. That’s why we advise our patients to stay upright for a short period of time after taking Alendronate Sodium. It is necessary to take these tablets first in the morning time, before drinking or eating anything. People should not use other medication at the same time.”

In general, there are other important instructions that need to be followed by patients who take this drug. They should take every dose with a glass of water. It is better to utilize only plain water. It means that people should not drink tea, juice, mineral water and coffee together with Alendronate Sodium pills. It is forbidden to recline or lie down at least for thirty minutes after using this medication. The same can be said for drinking, eating, and taking other medicines, including herbal supplements, vitamins, antacids, and so on.

In addition, the FDA informs: “Some people taking other drugs that are similar to Alendronate Sodium have developed bone loss in their jaws. There are different symptoms that may indicate that patients really have this issue. These ones include swelling, pain, numbness, gum infection, loose teeth, and so on. So, it is better to use Alendronate Sodiumpills.”

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