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  • N/A

Indications, usages and classification codes:

  • N05CD08 - Midazolam

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  • Anesfar (Fahrenheit)
  • Benzosed (Troikaa Pharmaceuticals)
  • Dalam (Penn Pharmaceuticals; Richmond Laboratorios)
  • Dalam (Penn Pharmaceuticals; Richmond Laboratorios)
  • Dormid (Scott-Cassara)
  • Dormium (Uniao Quimica Farmaceutica Nacional)
  • Drimnorth (Northia Medicinales)
  • Fortanest (Kalbe Farma)
  • Gobbizolam (Gobbi Novag Laboratorios)
  • Hipnoz (Pharos Indonesia)
  • Hypozam (Brookes Pharmaceutical Laboratories; Sahar Internationl Trading)
  • Mezolam (Neon Laboratories)
  • Midanium (Polfa Warszawa; Central Pharmaceutical Company N1)
  • Midapic (Rusan Healthcare)
  • Midaz (Abbott Laboratories)
  • Midazol (JDH Borneo Thailand)
  • Midazol (Taro Pharmaceuticals)
  • Midazol (TTN Thitiratsanon)
  • Midazol (Hameln Pharmaceuticals)
  • Midazol (Taro Pharmaceutical Industries)

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