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Cloxillin Drug Information

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Active ingredients:

Cloxillin companies and manufacturers:

Cloxillin forms, composition and dosages:

  • N / A

Indications, usages and classification codes:

  • J01CF02 - Cloxacillin

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  • Alclox (Alphapharm)
  • Anaclosil (Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and Technology; Reig Jofre)
  • Anaclosil (Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and Technology; Reig Jofre)
  • Apo-Cloxi (Apotex; Hind Wing)
  • Apo-Cloxi (Apotex; Hind Wing; Pharmaforte)
  • Austrastaph (CSL)
  • Avastoph (Medic + Aid Distributors)
  • Axocillin (Luen Wah Medical)
  • Bactopen (GlaxoSmithKline)
  • Bioclox (Biochem Pharmaceutical Industries)
  • Caxin (Hovid; Metro Drug Distribution)
  • Clocillin (Sandoz)
  • Clocsamed (Le Jumont Pharmaceuticals)
  • Clopen (Lark Laboratories; Phil Pharmawealth; Singapore Pharmawealth Lifesciences)
  • Clox (Foramen Products Corp; Nutramedica)
  • Cloxa (B L Hua; M & H Manufacturing)
  • Cloxa (Community Pharmacy)
  • Cloxa (M & H Manufacturing; B L Hua)
  • Cloxa (Suphong Bhaesaj)
  • Cloxa (T. P. Drug Laboratories)

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