Extensive list of Sodium Fusidate drugs and related products- all under one e-roof!

Sodium Fusidate Pharmaceutical and Health Care Products

Listing of Sodium Fusidate pharmaceutical drugs and health products:

  • Afucid (Ferron)
  • Balad (Ziwell Medical)
  • Dermomycin (Sigma-Tau)
  • Dermomycin (Sigma-Tau Pharmaceuticals)
  • Foban (AFT Pharmaceuticals; Hoe Pharmaceuticals; Summit; U.S. Summit)
  • Foban (Hoe Pharmaceuticals; AFT Pharmaceuticals; DKSH; Firma Chun Cheong; Harpers Trading; Summit; U.S. Summit; Zuellig Pharma)
  • Foban-Hydro (Hoe Pharmaceuticals; Harpers Trading)
  • Fobancort (Hoe Pharmaceuticals)
  • Fobancort (Hoe Pharmaceuticals; DKSH; Harpers Trading)
  • Fucidine Plus (Boehringer Ingelheim)
  • Fucidine Plus (Leo Pharma; Boehringer Ingelheim)
  • Fucinex (Zuventus Healthcare)
  • Fudikin (Zyfas Medical)
  • Fudikin (Samjin Pharmaceutical; Zyfas Medical)
  • Fuladic (Guardian Pharmatama)
  • Fusiderm (Indi Pharma)
  • Fusigen (Geno Pharmaceuticals; Sherryville Medical & Healthcare Products)
  • Fusital (Talent Healthcare)
  • Fusiwal (Wallace Pharmaceuticals)
  • Fuson (Agio Pharmaceuticals; Ambica International Trading Corporation; Pyridam)
  • Fusycom (Combiphar)
  • Futaderm (Interbat)
  • Futasole (Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries, Julphar)
  • Futasole (Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries, Julphar)
  • Futop Ointment (Cosme Farma Laboratories)
  • Germacid (Raza Manufacturing; Pharmaniaga Marketing)
  • Germacid (Raza Manufacturing; Pharmaniaga)
  • Hopaq (Hoe Pharmaceuticals; Metro Drug Distribution; New Marketlink Pharmaceutical Corporation)
  • Piodermina (Farmachimici)
  • Siofin (Albert David)
  • Stafoban (Micro Labs)
  • Stafusid Antibiotico (Italfarmaco)
  • Trivamide (Phil Inter Pharma)
  • Uniderm (Unipharm de Mexico)

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