Extensive list of Sickle-cell disorders - D57 drugs and related products- all under one e-roof!

Sickle-cell disorders - D57 Pharmaceutical and Health Care Products

Listing of Sickle-cell disorders - D57 pharmaceutical drugs and health products:

  • Telugren (Alpes Chemie; Royal Pharma)
  • Topizol (Genepharm; Douglas Pharmaceuticals)
  • Translipo-C (Centaur Pharmaceuticals)
  • Travoral (Fem Care Pharma)
  • Triben (Jenburkt Pharmaceuticals)
  • Trimac (Hanburys Health Care)
  • Trivagizole 3 (Taro Pharmaceutical Industries)
  • Vaff (Shin Poong Pharmaceutical; Phil Shin Poong Pharma)
  • Vagid (Bliss GVS Pharma)
  • Vagil (P P Lab; Picharn)
  • Vanesten (Atlantic Pharmaceutical; Vana Corporation)
  • Veltrim ()
  • Warimazol (Ritter, Hong Kong; IDS Group; Mekim; Suburfarm Investment & Trading)
  • Yeastazol (ZYG Pharma; Global Pharmatrade)
  • Zocon (FDC)
  • Zoysoft (Zodley Pharmaceuticals)

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