Extensive list of Sickle-cell disorders - D57 drugs and related products- all under one e-roof!

Sickle-cell disorders - D57 Pharmaceutical and Health Care Products

Listing of Sickle-cell disorders - D57 pharmaceutical drugs and health products:

  • Decand (Comed Chemicals)
  • Decand-V3 (Comed Chemicals)
  • Decand-V6 (Comed Chemicals)
  • Demazole (Adley Formulation)
  • Dermaten (Pharmasant Laboratories; Central Poly Trading)
  • Dermazol (Bailleul Laboratoires; AD Pharma 2000; Sanval Comercio e Industria)
  • Dermicin (Herald's do Brasil)
  • Dermizole (Community Pharmacy)
  • Elcid (Elfin Pharma)
  • Endid (Emcure Pharmaceuticals)
  • Epizole (Epitome Life Sciences)
  • Evazol (Petrasch-Pharma; Ravensberg)
  • Fango (Bangkok Lab & Cosmetic; Bangkok Drug)
  • Favorite (NIC Pharma)
  • Flucocip (Cadila Pharmaceuticals)
  • Fluol (Moraceae Pharmaceuticals)
  • Fubac (Karnataka Antibiotics & Pharmaceuticals)
  • Funesten (Pymepharco)
  • Fungicide (Torrent Pharmaceuticals; Union Medical, Thailand)
  • Fungicip (Cipla; Antah Pharma; Healol Pharmaceuticals)
  • Fungiderm (Konimex; DKSH)
  • Fungiderm V.T. (Greater Pharma)
  • Fungimac (Trumac Healthcare)
  • Fungisil (Silom Medical; Diethelm Keller)
  • Fungizid (Ratiopharm; CNW Hong Kong; Douglas Pharmaceuticals; Hong Tai Hong)
  • Fungizol (Euro Generics; Interlink Pharma Marketing Corporation)
  • Gentrisone (Shin Poong Pharmaceutical; Zyfas Medical)
  • Gilt (Laves-Arzneimittel; Lacoer Arznei und Korperpflegemittel)
  • Gixaderm (Mergers Drugfil)
  • Gromazol (Dr. Grossmann Pharmaca)

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