Extensive list of Dobutamine Hydrochloride drugs and related products- all under one e-roof!

Dobutamine Hydrochloride Pharmaceutical and Health Care Products

Listing of Dobutamine Hydrochloride pharmaceutical drugs and health products:

  • Bagobutam (Bago Laboratorios)
  • Biodobutin (Biosintetica Laboratorios)
  • Butamine (Taro Pharmaceuticals)
  • Butamine (Taro Pharmaceutical Industries)
  • Butavell (Novell Pharmaceutical Laboratories)
  • Cardiject (Pharmaland 1982)
  • Cardiject (Sun Pharmaceutical Industries; Danpac Pharma; Pharmaland 1982)
  • Cardomin (Naprod Life Sciences)
  • Cryobutol (Cryopharma Pizzard y Salud)
  • DBL Dobutamine (Hospira; Summit)
  • Dobicard (USV, India)
  • Dobier (Chandra Bhagat Pharma)
  • Dobier-Lypho (Chandra Bhagat Pharma)
  • Dobier-S (Chandra Bhagat Pharma)
  • Dobion (Biosena Life Sciences)
  • Dobonis (Neiss Labs)
  • Dobonis-LP (Neiss Labs)
  • Dobtan (Uniao Quimica Farmaceutica Nacional)
  • Dobucard (Solvay; BJC Trading; Scott-Cassara; Zuellig Pharma)
  • Dobucard (Solvay; BJC Trading; Scott-Cassara; Zuellig Pharma)
  • Dobucef (VHB Life Sciences; Promedrahardjo Farmasi Industri)
  • Dobucin (Troikaa Pharmaceuticals)
  • Dobucor (Bayer Schering Pharma)
  • Dobugen-PF (Shree Ganesh Pharmaceuticals)
  • Dobugen-PFV (Shree Ganesh Pharmaceuticals)
  • Dobuject (Leiras; Bayer Schering Pharma; BJC Trading; Gautier Laboratorios; MBD Marketing; Nycomed; Perrigo; Pisa Laboratorios; Probios)
  • Dobuject (Leiras; Bayer Schering Pharma; BJC Trading; Dexa Medica Pharm & Chem; Gautier Laboratorios; MBD Marketing; Metro Drug Distribution; Metro Pharma Philippines; Nycomed; Perrigo; Pisa Laboratorios; Primex Pharmaceuticals; Probios)
  • Dobulex (Delex Pharma; Globo Asiatico Enterprises)
  • Dobulon (Celon Laboratories)
  • Dobunex (Swiss Parenterals; International Apex Pharmaceuticals)

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