Extensive list of Candidiasis, unspecified - B37.9 drugs and related products- all under one e-roof!

Candidiasis, unspecified - B37.9 Pharmaceutical and Health Care Products

Listing of Candidiasis, unspecified - B37.9 pharmaceutical drugs and health products:

  • Abzorb (Ranbaxy)
  • Amfuncid (Ampharco)
  • Antifungal Vaginal (Y.S.P. Industries)
  • Anzol (Naprod Life Sciences; Ambica International Trading Corporation; Sherryville Medical & Healthcare Products)
  • Aristen (Aristo Pharmaceuticals; Sincerity Asia)
  • Arnela (Andromaco Laboratorios)
  • Axasol (Andromaco Laboratorios; Silesia Laboratorios)
  • Azutrimazol (Sandoz; Azupharma)
  • Bernesten (Berlico Mulia Farma)
  • Caginal (Pond's Chemical Thailand)
  • Calcrem (Raptakos Brett)
  • Camazol (Xepa-Soul Pattinson; Apex Pharma Marketing; Grafton Pharmasia)
  • Canazol (DuraScan Medical Products; Ozia Pharmaceutical; T.O. Chemicals 1979)
  • Cancap-VT (Ind-Swift)
  • Candasia (Willow Pharmaceuticals)
  • Candazole (Hoe Pharmaceuticals; DKSH; Harpers Trading; Summit)
  • Candex (Burapha Dispensary)
  • Candibene (Ratiopharm; Merckle)
  • Candiclo (Sterling Lab)
  • Candiclo-V Kit (Sterling Lab; Medi-Genix)
  • Candid (Glenmark Pharmaceuticals; J. Neves Laboratorio; Uni Drug House; Union Medical, Thailand)
  • Candid Micro (Glenmark Pharmaceuticals)
  • Candid-V (Glenmark Pharmaceuticals; Uni Drug House)
  • Candid-V1 (Glenmark Pharmaceuticals; Uni Drug House)
  • Candid-V3 (Glenmark Pharmaceuticals; Uni Drug House; Union Medical, Thailand)
  • Candid-V6 (Glenmark Pharmaceuticals; PharmAsia-Cuvest; Uni Drug House)
  • Candinil (Inga Laboratories)
  • Candinox (S. Charoen Bhaesaj Trading)
  • Candiphen (Son's Laboratorios Quimica)
  • Candiphen-V (Son's Laboratorios Quimica)

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