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Zyvox is a Great Drug to Fight Different Infections

If patients have some serious bacterial infections, like pneumonia, many healthcare providers recommend one antibiotic that is called Zyvox. This kind of drug should be taken 2 times a day, and it may be found in diverse forms, including pills, IV injection and liquid. Many people are tolerant to it, but there are some side effects that may be experienced, including nausea, diarrhea and headaches.

Basically, it is a certain antibiotic that is licensed to tread a number of serious infections, such as skin diseases. Zyvox should be prescribed only by a doctor. It is manufactured by a division of Pfizer, which is a famous pharmaceutical company. How does it work? This drug actually belongs to the so called oxazolidinone group of antibiotics and it functions by attaching to bacterial ribosomes, the latter are certain parts of cells, which produce protein. Besides, Zyvox can bind to the 50S subunit of such bacterial ribosomes to prevent that from keep making proteins, which are required for different bacteria to multiply and grow fast. This way, this kind of drug prevents such harmful elements from growing. Zyvox also kills such bacteria. There are 2 types of this medicine – bactericidal and bacteriostatic.

It is necessary to know how and when to take it. There are some basic considerations to keep in a patient’s mind during any treatment that includes this drug. First of all, Zyvox usually come is different forms, so that a doctor should determine a perfect one for a particular person. It should be taken twice a day. If people prefer to utilize a liquid suspension, they need to turn a bottle upside down several times to mix this medicine inside, but do not shake it. Then they need to measure this suspension with a special syringe, medicine cup or a measuring spoon to be sure to get the right amount of Zyvox.

Patients should be aware that standard household teaspoons are not good to measure this kind of medication. Only a pharmacist can offer a proper measuring device, if they need it. People can keep this oral liquid only for 3 weeks, and after that it should be thrown out. This drug can be taken with and without food, based on preferences of people. When a patient want Zyvox to work properly, it is better to take it as a doctor prescribes and avoid missing any dose as well.

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