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Xalatan – Its Usage, Precautions and Diseases to Be Treated

Xalatanis an effective prostaglandin eye solution, which is very helpful in lowering the pressure, which usually builds up in the eyes of those patients who suffer from open angle glaucoma. This drug functions by increasing an amount of fluid, which is exhausted from the inside of a patient’s eyes. Commonly, Xalatan is prescribed with other drugs that are effective in treating glaucoma.

This medication is prescribed to increase an amount of fluid in the eyes. The latter drains out from the eyes, which results in reducing high pressure. Besides, Xalatan is widely used to treat glaucoma, but it can help to prevent a number of other diseases. People should start using this drug only after consulting with a doctor. If patients usually wear contact lenses, they are not allowed to use this drug, because such lenses can absorb this liquid medication. It can be quite harmful for their body.

If there is a necessity to wear contact lenses during the time of utilizing Xalatan, people should wait for 15 minutes. It is wise to consult with a medical expert before taking this medication to collect all the detailed information related to its effects, pros and cons. Unfortunately, the usage of Xalatan may lead to a number of side effects, so people may find certain changes in their eyes concerning a color or the increase in their eyelashes. If a color changes, then there is some small increase in a brown pigment, and it can be permanent or just temporary.

Patients that use Xalatan should not let any drop touch the surface, because it comes contaminated. And the usage of such a drop may lead to unwanted side effects. If people are not aware of the right way to take this medicine, they should ask their doctor about that. It is required to wait several minutes after using it as it is prescribed by a medical expert.

If someone is allergic to latanoprost or other similar drugs, it is better to take Xalatan. However, patients should be careful when using it. Wash hands before taking this drug, and do not forget to be examined by a doctor on a regular basis. All changes in the dosage should be made only by a physician. Xalatan is a popular drug, and it is considered to be a good option to treat many strange and rare ailments that can be experienced by people. 

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