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The Intake of Oracea, Its Pros and Cons

Oracea is a drug that is often prescribed to treat rosacea. This kind of ailment usually causes pimple-like blemishes and bumps that are inflamed and irritated. In essence, it functions by decreasing skin inflammation, which is the main symptom of this medical condition. This medication belongs to a group of drugs called tetracycline antibiotics. These are utilized to treat different types of infection.

It is advised to learn more about Oracea before starting to use it. There are many medical specialists who say: “We do not recommend our patients to take this medicine if they are pregnant because its usage can potentially be harmful for their unborn babies and lead to other unwanted side effects. Besides, this medication can make certain birth control pills less effectual. People need to ask us more about the usage of other non hormone tactics of birth control. These can be condoms and many others. These are required while taking Oracea.”

It is better not to use this drug if someone has an allergic to its main active components. These include minocycline, tetracycline, and so on. Patients should tell their doctors everything about their past medical history and such diseases as asthma. There is an opinion: “It is necessary to drink a lot of water while using Oracea.” However, there is one groups of patients who are not allowed to take it, these are kids. That’s because its intake may cause graying or yellowing of their teeth.

Healthcare providers think: “It is needed to take Oracea as prescribed by doctors and for the full period of time. The symptoms of patients may improve with time, but they should not stop using this medication without consulting with their medical professionals. If they skip their doses, it may increase the risk of having further infections that are resistant to different antibiotics. It is better to avoid such situations.”

In addition, here are certain concerns related to the side effects of Oracea and a number of unwanted symptoms relate to its intake. The FDA informs everyone: “There are different side effects expected when using this drug. These ones may include dizziness, headaches, blurred vision, fever, body aches, rashes, swollen glands, itching, diarrhea, weakness, confusion, loss of appetite, and some others. They can be both severe and mild ones. If someone starts feeling any of them, it is highly recommended to go to a hospital and talk to a doctor.”

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