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Anti-Inflammatory Agents Category Listing

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Anti-Inflammatory Agents Products. Letter I.

Results: 1 to 30 of 524
  • I-Gesic (Centaur Laboratories)
  • I-Pred (BCM)
  • IA-But (BCM)
  • Iaten (Iapharm)
  • Ib-Profeno (Ibfarma Industria de Biotecnologia Farmaceuticos)
  • Ibalgin (Zentiva)
  • Ibaril (Sanofi-Aventis; Bipharma)
  • Ibenon (Diviser-Aquilea Laboratorios)
  • Ibifen (Istituto Biochimico Italiano Giovanni Lorenzini)
  • Ibifon (Ampharco)
  • Iboflam (MDI, South Africa)
  • Ibol (Cascan; Cascapharm)
  • Ibopain (Docmed)
  • Ibosure (Novartis)
  • Ibren (BCM)
  • Ibrofen (TO-Chemicals 1979)
  • Ibrufhalal (Halal Pharmaceuticals)
  • Ibu (1 A Pharma)
  • Ibu (Abbott Laboratories)
  • Ibu (AbZ-Pharma)
  • Ibu (Acis Arzneimittelvertrieb)
  • Ibu (Alra Laboratories)
  • Ibu (Andromaco Laboratorios)
  • Ibu (BASF)
  • Ibu (Dr. Kade)
  • Ibu (Eu Rho OTC Pharma)
  • Ibu (Hemopharm)
  • Ibu (Master Laboratorio Farmaceutico)
  • Ibu (Pose Health Care)
  • Ibu (Ratiopharm)

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