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Why & When Colpo-Cleaner Is Recommended

There are many instances when Colpo-Cleaner can be recommended to use for different people. In essence, these are iodium pills that can be great disinfectants with a wide spectrum of actions. They are mainly used in order to treat vaginities, while not being corrosive. These days, there are many doctors who recommend their patients to take these tablets for different reasons.

“We often prescribe Colpo-Cleaner to get rid of all kinds of pathogens in one’s vagina. These pathogens may include different fungi, bacteria viruses, germs and vermin. Besides, we advise to use these iodium pills to supplement other effective treatment in case harmful pathogens are attacking a patient’s body elsewhere. Colpo-Cleaner can be used to get ready for any kind of vaginal surgery, or to prepare for some cancer-check, and so on”. It is clear that this type of medication can be used in many cases. However, people are not allowed to take it without consulting with their doctors. This is needed in order to avoid any unexpected or unwanted adverse effects.

Doctors say: “There is no need to utilize any other disinfectant solutions or pills together with Colpo-Cleaner. That’s because they just impair the positive effects of organic iodine, which is the main ingredient used to manufacture this medication. Besides, any inflammatory discharge can be forgotten with the help of this medical solution, which is proven to be very effective. It is advised to continue this treatment pan at least for several days, while using Colpo-Cleaner two-three times a day.”

Patients should know that there are some certain situations when these pills can’t be used. It concerns those cases when people have some sensitivity to their active components. For example, this can be said for iodophilia, dermatitis and also hyperthyreosis. That’s why it is highly recommended to visit a doctor before starting to take these iodine pills.

In addition, the main component used to produce Colpo-Cleaner is povidone iodine. “There are certain safety tips that should be kept in mind when taking these tablets.” If patients really notice some allergic reaction to this medication, they must contact their doctors right away. The most common allergic symptoms usually include skin rashes, dizziness, difficulty breathing and even hives. Besides, patients should start this type of treatment only when having a prescription of their healthcare practitioners. It is not allowed to take these iodine pills during breast-feeding and pregnancy. People should not overdose this medication.

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