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Why Many Women Use Loestrin 24 Fe

Loestrin 24 Fe is a popular medication that combines a number of female hormones. These are birth control pills that function by preventing ovulation. In general, the intake of this drug causes certain changes in a female’s uterine lining and also cervical mucus, thus making it much harder for male sperm to reach these body organs. It means that Loestrin 24 Fe is often utilized as the most effective contraception in order to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Before women start using it, they should get more information about its intake and possible adverse effects.

Doctors say: “It is not allowed to take these birth control pills if women are pregnant, or they have just had a baby. Besides, it is better not to use this drug in case they have some certain medical conditions. These ones may include uncontrolled hypertension, heart issues, circulation problems, blood clots, diabetes, kidney or liver diseases, vaginal bleeding, severe headaches, and so on. We do not recommend the intake of these pills to women who are over 35 years old, and if they smoke regularly. The same can be said for females who have had uterine or breast cancer in the past.”

If someone is first start taking Loestrin 24 Fe, it is advisable to use any back up birth control method. For example, these ones may include spermicides or condoms. People should do the same if they miss a dose. It is necessary to follow all the instructions provided by their doctors to ensure the safe and effective usage of these birth control pills. That’s because missing a pill definitely increases their risk of getting pregnant. There are special “missed dose” steps and instructions that must be followed in such cases.

“Women need to know that the intake of certain drugs can make Loestrin 24 Fe less effective when it comes to preventing unwanted pregnancy. These medications may include different antibiotics, seizure drugs, barbiturate sedatives, and some others. That’s why it is a good idea to tell doctors everything about the drugs that are used at the same time. It also helps to prevent a number of health complications and adverse effects.” In conclusion, the intake of Loestrin 24 Fe may lead to experiencing different side effects. These ones include:   numbness, weakness, severe headaches, confusion, wheezing, pain swelling, general ill feeling, and many others. Some of them can be mild, while others are quite severe.

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