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Treating HIV with the Help of Norvir

Norvir is a popular antiviral drug that is often prescribed to treat HIV. That’s because it functions by preventing HIV cells from multiplying and developing in a patient’s body. However, people should know that there is no cure for AIDS or HIV. The intake of this medicine can only relieve certain symptoms and improve their medical condition. There are other uses of this drug as well. It is necessary to learn more about it and its intake.

Doctors warn their patients: “It is not allowed to take Norvir with some other drugs, such as Alfuzosin, Orap, Advicor, and many others. That’s because it may lead to a number of unwanted and even life-threatening adverse effects. There is a list of medication that can potentially interact with this drug. That’s why we advised everyone to inform their medical specialists about all the drugs used together with Norvir. It helps to avoid different undesirable consequences. It is better not to start taking this medicine without consulting with us. People should keep a list of all the rugs they use to show it every time when it is needed.”

These days, there are many doctors who are trying to treat HIV and AIDS using a certain combination of drugs. Their patients are obliged to take them in accordance with their important prescriptions. They need to know that the intake of Norvir or any other medicines will not prevent them from passing this dangerous disease to other people. It is necessary to avoid having unprotected sexual contacts. In addition, there are other essential things that should be discussed with healthcare providers related to HIV and all the consequences it actually has.

There is a note: “Before starting to take Norvir, patients should be aware of certain precautions. They are not allowed to use it if they have any allergic reaction to its active components. These pills must be taken in the right dosage prescribed by doctors. People are not allowed to change this amount, and they need to take these tablets together with meals.” Besides, there is also a liquid form of Norvir, it is prescribed to shake it well before measuring a dose. The FDA has recently announced that it granted an approval of one new pill formulation of this medication. New pills can be stored at the room temperature. So, they don’t require refrigeration, which definitely makes them very convenient for all patients.

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