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The Main Reasons to Start Taking Gabapentin

Gabapentin is quite a famous anti-epileptic medication, and it belongs to a group of drugs called anticonvulsants. Basically, it works by having an impact on the nerves and chemicals in a patient’s body that are involved in the main cause of his/her seizures and pain. It is possible to use this medicine alone or together with some other drugs. The latter must be effective when it comes to treating the seizures caused by one unpleasant disease called epilepsy. It can be used by adults and kids who are older than 12 years. Besides, there are many people who take Gabapentin to treat their nerve pain that is caused by shingles or herpes virus. They can use it to get rid of RLS as well. So, there are many reasons why patients start taking this medication.

Doctors say: “It is necessary to get more information from healthcare providers before choosing this type of treatment. For example, individuals are not allowed to utilize Gabapentin if they have any kind of allergic reaction to its active ingredients. There is a need to tell us everything about their past medical history, including all liver, kidney and heart issues. We should warm patients that they may start having different suicide thoughts when taking this drug. That’s why it is better to go to a hospital on a regular basis. People should not miss their scheduled appointments to avoid any risks associated with the intake of Gabapentin.”

The FDA also warns about possible effects: “When taking this drug, patients may start experiencing a number of unwanted symptoms and side effects. These ones may include anxiety, behavior and mood changes, depression, and so on. Besides, they may start feeling hyperactive, restless, agitated or hostile. The worst part is that some patients may have suicide thoughts that should better be avoided.”

In conclusion, it is not allowed to stop using Gabapentin without consulting with doctors, even if people feel fine. That’s because they can have increased seizures if they stop using this drug suddenly. It is better to start taking less and less before they complete their treatment plan. Patients must contact their healthcare providers if their seizures get worse and worse, or if they start having them more often when taking Gabapentin. There is one piece of advice: “It is necessary to wear a special medical alert tag or ID card that is stating that people take this medication. All doctors, dentists and other healthcare providers must be aware that they are taking this popular seizure medicine.”

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