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The Main Details about Penicillin VK

Penicillin VK can have a number of other popular brand names, such as Veetids, PenVee, and so on. This drug belongs to a group of antibiotics known as the so-called narrow spectrum penicillin, which actually means that it can kill only a limited range of harmful bacteria. There are many doctors who use it for a number of dental purposes. They say: “No other antibiotic drugs can work better, cost less and be safer when compared to Penicillin VK. It is a great remedy for different dental infections, including abscesses, infections after surgery and around wisdom teeth.”

It is necessary to learn more about the right dosage of this medication. In general, the standard dose for adults is around 250-500 mg each six hours. This drug is often prescribed to be taken for one week or even ten days. However, when it comes to kids, their dosage is based on their current body weight. No need to say that people should follow all the prescriptions of their doctors. “Patients need to take Penicillin VK for a prescribed period of time, even in case they start to feel better. Many people make one common mistake as they stop taking this drug as soon as they notice some positive changes. We as doctors recommend them to avoid acting this way.”

The main reason why it is not allowed to do this is that stopping to take antibiotics too soon can cause harmful bacteria to become resistant to these drugs, which definitely means that they won’t work in the future. Besides, people need to learn more about possible side effects and main concerns associated with the intake of Penicillin VK. “We recommend our patients to tell us or their physicians about all the other drugs that they take at the same time. These medications include herbal supplements and vitamins as well. People need to tell their dentists if they are nursing or pregnant before starting to take this medication.”

It is true that Penicillin VK may have some side effects, but they occur only occasionally. These may include such common symptoms as diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and some others. If a patient has an allergy to any penicillin or antibiotic drug, it is forbidden to start taking this medication. People should be sure to tell their medical professionals about any existing drug allergies. That’s because these may cause  a lot of unwanted complications, such as skin rash and swelling.

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