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The Intake and Functions of Prezista

Prezista is considered to be quite an effective protease inhibitor. This is a popular antiviral drug that can help to prevent HIV cells from developing and multiplying in people’s bodies. That’s why many healthcare providers prescribe it in order to treat this awful medical condition that causes AIDS. However, people should be aware that there is no cure for these diseases. It is wise to learn more about the usage of Prezista, and its possible pros and cons.

“Patients are not allowed to take this drug is they have any kind of allergic reaction to its active components, such as ritonavir and darunavir. Besides, it is forbidden to start using it in case they have severe liver ailments. People need to take this medication together with another popular drug called Norvir. Doctors usually prescribe both of these drugs to be taken together at the same time on a daily basis.”

It is necessary to know that there are some medications that should not be taken during this type of treatment. That’s because they may lead to quite severe drug interaction and unwanted side effects. In essence, these medicines include: Revatio, Cisapride, and many others. There are different vitamins, nutritional supplements, and herbal products that can interact with Prezista as well. So, it is better to be quite cautious when taking it with some other pharmaceutical products.

There is an opinion: “The usage of this medication can potentially make diverse birth control pills less effective.” People need to ask more questions about the usage of any other non hormonal methods to prevent unwanted pregnancy while taking Prezista. Those women who suffer from HIV and AIDS are forbidden to breast-feed their babies. That’s because this virus can be passed this way. It is not allowed to give this medication to kids who are less than 3 years old as well.

In conclusion, there are many important things that people need to know about the usage of Prezista. For example, if they take Videx, it is always better to do this at least one hour before the usage of this drug. Many people think that it can protect them from passing HIV to others, but they are wrong. That’s why they should not have unprotected sex. Recently, the FDA has approved Prezista to treat HIV. “This is a prescription drug that can be called an effective treatment options in the group of HIV medications.”

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