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Kill Bacteria with Mupirocin

There are many bacterial skin infections that can be treated with Mupirocin, which is quite an effective antibiotic. Basically, it is a prescription drug that is available in 3 forms: one should be applied inside the nostrils, and other ones – on the skin. It usually works by preventing different bacteria from producing one important protein. There are several side effects that may be experienced, and they depend on the form. These are headaches, nausea, burning sensation and so on.

Mupirocin is a certain antibiotic, which can be found as a skin cream, skin ointment or a nasal ointment. This kind of skin cream is widely used to treat a number of infections, whilst a special nasal ointment is applied in order to clean nasal passages to treat particular infections among a number of healthcare workers, especially during any MRSA outbreaks in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare institutions. There are many people who carry bacteria in their noses quite naturally, and they may not experience any symptoms. It is one of the main sources of spreading MRSA.

Of course, Mupirocin may have its own side effects, just like any other drug. But there are only several patients that usually experience some inconveniences when using this medication. That’s because many people are quite tolerate to it. Even in case there are some side effects, they are minor and usually do not require any treatment. They can be easily treated by a doctor if there is a necessity. Well, serious reactions are less widespread. And they depend on the particular form of this drug that is used by a patient.

Some of the most common side effects are: pain, headaches, stinging and burning, runny nose and so on. Their list is not limited. Before starting to use Mupirocin, each patient needs to inform a doctor about kidney problems, open wound or burn, all kinds of allergies to dyes, foods or preservatives and any other information that can be useful.

These women, who are breastfeeding, pregnant or plan to get pregnant, must consult with their healthcare practitioner before starting this kind of treatment. It is necessary to prevent any unwanted dangerous effects. Patients need to tell a doctor everything about other medications that they take at the same time, including vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements and so on. Mupirocin actually works by affecting the bacterial protein synthesis. It means that it stops harmful bacteria from producing their proteins.

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