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How to Treat Hypertension with the Help of Benazepril HCl

At present, there are different brand names that can be used for a drug called Benazepril HCl. These ones may include Lotensin. The main dosage form available in the modern market is a tablet. This medication belongs to a group of drugs called ACE inhibitors, and to a therapeutic class known as antihypertensive. It is necessary to learn more about the common uses of this medication, its main pros and cons. In general, Benazepril HCl is utilized alone of together with a number of other drugs in order to treat hypertension.

“It is true that high blood pressure often adds to the workload of arteries and heart. If this medical condition exists for a long time, these body organs may start to function incorrectly. And this can damage a patient’s blood vessels of such organs as kidneys, heart, brain, and so on. All of these symptoms often lead to having a heart failure, stroke, and some others. That’s why it is so important to decrease one’s blood pressure. It definitely helps to reduce the risk of having such unwanted medical conditions and diseases.”

Basically, Benazepril HCl is a popular ACE inhibitor, and it functions by blocking one substance in the body. It causes people’s blood vessels to tighten. It means that the intake of this medication helps patients relax their blood vessels, so it lowers their blood pressure and boosts the supply of oxygen and blood to their hearts. It is necessary to know that this medicine can be bought only with the prescription of a doctor.

Doctors say: “There are certain things that people need to know before they start using Benazepril HCl. If they decide to take these tablets, it is always better to consider all the risks involved. There are different things that must be considered”. First it concerns different kinds of allergy. Patients need to tell their healthcare providers if they have had any allergic reaction to the active ingredients included in this drug.

The same can be said for other allergies, which may include diverse food products, animals, dyes, preservatives, and so on. When it comes to some non-prescription medications, it is advisable to read their labels or package quite carefully. It helps to avoid all kinds of dangerous and unwanted consequences. The FDA warns: “Kids who are less than size years old should avoid taking Benazepril HCl because there are many studies that can demonstrate specific pediatric issues connected with the usage of this medicine.”

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