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How to Take Detrol LA Correctly

Detrol LA is also referred to as tolterodine. This is common drug that help people to decrease the spasms of their bladder muscles. In general, it acts by treating overactive bladders with certain symptoms, such as urinary urgency, frequency and also incontinence. There are some other popular uses as well. It is necessary to get more information about this medication and its proper intake. There is an opinion: “People should not take Detrol LA if they have any kind of allergy to its active ingredients, such as fesoterodine. The same can be said for one medical condition known as uncontrolled or untreated glaucoma. Besides, it is not allowed to use this medicine if patients suffer from some other ailments, like the blockage of their stomach, urinary tract or intestines.”

Before someone starts taking Detrol LA, it is highly recommended to tell their healthcare providers everything about their past medical history, including liver and kidney issues. It helps them determine whether it is reasonable to prescribe this drug or not. Doctors say: “Patients should not break, chew, open, or crush these pills. That’s because it may lead to the situation when too much of the drug is released only at one time.”

It is necessary to remember that the intake of Detrol LA may have an impact on different reactions and thinking of patients. So, they need to be quite careful when they must drive or do anything that requires them to be attentive and alert. Healthcare providers also warn: “Drinking alcohol may increase the main side effects of this medication. It means that we do not recommend our patients to drink any alcohol during their treatment period.” In addition, there are other medications that can potentially interact with Detrol LA. It is forbidden to take them at the same time in order to avoid experiencing a number of unwanted side effects.

That’s why people need to tell their doctors about other drugs that they use on a regular basis. This may include over-the-counter, prescription and other medications, vitamins, minerals, and even herbal supplements. It is better not to start taking a new medicine without informing a doctor. Finally, people need to keep a list of all the drugs they use and show it to their healthcare providers when it is needed. The FDA warns patients that they can experience a number of severe side effects when they use Detrol LA.

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